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Dr Ke Jinghao

Jinghao holds the position of Chief Research Officer at Integrum Global, where his deep expertise in AI and data analytics propels the company's innovative initiatives. With a solid academic foundation from Singapore Management University (SMU) and proficiency in Python along with various analytics technologies, he plays a pivotal role in steering Integrum Global's strategic direction. Additionally, his ability to develop specialised training programs highlights his versatile skills in the tech domain, making a significant impact on the organisation's growth and innovation. Connect with Jinghao on LinkedIn here.

AI Adoption: The Perils of Prototypes and the Struggle for Scale | Integrum Global

AI Adoption: The Perils of Prototypes and the Struggle for Scale

Navigating the complexities of AI adoption presents a multitude of challenges, from ensuring data integrity and bridging the talent gap to overcoming integration woes, managing costs, and addressing ethical concerns. Yet, understanding these hurdles is the first step towards overcoming them. This article explores the nuances of scaling AI initiatives, emphasising the crucial role of a structured operationalisation framework in transitioning prototypes into impactful, fully integrated AI applications across various industries.

AI and Future of Work | Integrum Global

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Drawing on insights from the IMF’s “Gen-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work,” this article explores how artificial intelligence is transforming the future of work, presenting both opportunities and challenges. It stresses the necessity of strategic foresight in steering the AI-enhanced economy and underscores the significance of adopting tailored strategies suited to diverse economic landscapes. In addition, this article champions ethical and sustainable AI deployment, advocating for inclusivity and skill development to secure a promising future for all.

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