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Unlock the Power of AI

Fast and agile AI solutions for your business’ digital transformation.

Our Features

Highly interactive end-to-end platform solutions for your business

Data Management

Streamline your data processes with intuitive and efficient solutions. Take control of your data and leverage it to make informed business decisions.

Enterprise Integration

Connect all your systems seamlessly to improve your workflows and get real-time insights into your business operations and make better decisions faster.

Apps Integration

Save time and effort by integrating your favourite apps with our easy-to-use platform. Automate your workflows with customizable app integration solutions.

Features | Integrum

Your Data Works for You

Digital transformation can be a challenge for businesses, especially when dealing with a patchwork of off-the-shelf tools. Integrum offers a full suite of solutions, from professional services to products. With Kailash, an end-to-end composable platform, we can create complete and scalable intelligent services easily, rapidly and cheaply.

How We Work

Integrum Workflow

We provide a full suite of digital transformation solutions, from professional services to products.

1. Consultation

Consulting is typically the first step towards engaging enterprise customers

2. Model Design

Following the consultation, we will scope the potential solution to a number of use-cases

3. Software Solution

We will then design and execute the models, and wrap them into an end-to-end solution (from data, through models, into one or more API services)

4. Training

As the nature of our solution is AI-based, we will design curriculums and conduct training sessions using the use-cases developed for our client

Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrate to your existing systems, without any extra costs or work

Why our clients love our solutions

Highly Customisable

Our AI solutions are highly adaptable to suit the specific business needs and desired outcomes of each client.

Fast and Accurate

Supported by large amounts of data evidence, we are able to make accurate and timely decisions for our clients.


Our straightforward Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and AI-as-a-Service (AlaaS) pricing ensures that your journey to achieving digital transformation will be an affordable one.


sprints reduced to producing AI-centered MVP service


reduction in codebase


less meetings

Ready to Embark on your Digital Transformation?

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