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Kailash Composable AI Platform

Highly integrative platform solution for enterprises to close digital capability gaps rapidly and cost-efficiently in a scalable manner.
Software Solutions

Agility and Resilience Solutions

What Kailash can Achieve for Your Business

Data Fabric

Integrate data flows of new and existing devices and systems

Integrate data flows of new and existing devices and systems. Seamless Integration of new and old systems (no matter the language or the programming language).

API Services

Auto-conversion of data, logic, and AI models into modular APIs

Kailash automates the process of converting data, logic, and AI models into modular Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that integrate new applications with existing software systems.

Composable Interface

UI workflows link modular services into business use cases

Kailash’s composition workbench provides users with a UI workflow, enabling the composition of new and/or enhanced existing capabilities adapted to evolving business requirements.


Built-in testing and auto-deployment to cloud servers

Continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) to cloud services ensure the timely delivery of software to users.


Automated scaling on Kubernetes

Facilitated by Kubernetes, auto-scaling enables users to scale cloud services up or down automatically based on various situational business needs.

Suitable for All Industries

Based on our actual deployment

Computer Vision

By integrating existing cameras with an AI model for computer vision, Kailash is able to effectively prevent overcrowding with crowd detection and subsequently deploy robots to disperse crowds.

IoT Ecosystem

By creating an AI model that detects vehicle types and licence plate numbers, Kailash set up an IOT Ecosystem that integrates the model with sensors and external systems for the computation of charging and parking fees.

Natural Language

By integrating Twitter feeds and a natural language AI model, Kailash enabled the extraction of train fault locations and types, as well as the dissemination of this information through robot-broadcasted messages on Twitter.


Our Professional Services

We are with you every step of the way

Beyond Kailash, Integrum’s professional services encompass various facets of digital transformation: consultancy, data engineering and governance, AI-use case development, and machine/deep learning model design, training and deployment.

Ready to Embark on your Digital Transformation?

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