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Professional Services

Integrum provides integrative digital transformation solutions. Our professional services include consulting, AI use-case development, and model training.
Professional Services
Professional Services

We believe in full suite solutions for digital transformation

With our solution, enterprises can focus on the digital capabilities and put use-cases into production.

Value proposition thinking

We rethink the data approach to business problems. Rather than breaking a problem into smaller parts and tackling each piece in silo, we focus on business value propositions and engineer data, analytics, and AI capabilities towards an orchestration that maximises the potential of these propositions

Explainable AI

The results of our AI modules are presented by a layer of performance measures that are crafted to be highly explanatory. Managers can now make the right decisions without extensive communications with data science teams who may not share the same business lingo.

Continuous refinement

Our AI solutions are continuously refined with the latest research in both the domain and tech space and are embedded into business use-cases.

AI engineering

Few data science teams are proficient in AI deployment at scale. Our solution avails our clients with the opportunity to enhance their economic value through efficiency and new capabilities powered by AI.

How Integrum Equips You


We provide a highly integrative platform solution for enterprises to close digital capability gaps rapidly and cost-efficiently in a scalable manner.


Our experienced team of consultants provides strategic guidance and helps enterprises identify their digital capability gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Data engineering and governance

We offer comprehensive data engineering and governance services, ensuring that enterprises have access to high-quality, clean, and secure data for their AI and machine learning initiatives.

AI use-case development

Our team works closely with enterprises to develop AI use cases that align with their business objectives and drive tangible outcomes.

Machine/Deep learning

We have expertise in both machine and deep learning and can help enterprises choose the appropriate approach for their use case and develop models that deliver accurate results.

Model design, training, and deployment

We specialise in designing and training AI models for real-world deployment. Our dedication to continuous monitoring and iterative refinement ensures sustained precision and effectiveness.

Our Features

We are with you every step of the way

After consulting and modelling, we will design and execute the models, wrapping them into an end-to-end solution (from data, through models, into one or more API services).

Ready to Embark on your Digital Transformation?

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